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Yellow, buy  wearing a pair of goggles,  speaking weirdly but making everyone laugh out loud. What are they? They are one of the most shared toys,  animated characters, and stuff toys in the world for almost two years now – Minions. We came across minions after the release of the first part of Despicable Me, which was an animated movie loved by fiction and cartoon movie enthusiasts all around the globe. Ever since these yellow, cute and rather humorous creatures appeared on the screens, they have been used to make different things of leisure for kids. Where most people only think that minions are animated creatures, creating humour on the screens, these creatures represent way more than that.

We believe that minions represent the perks of being happy in every phase of life. Minions have taught people that being happy and facing every challenge life throws at you with a smile can be a source of beating that challenge and rising above. Apart from creating sensible humour, these characters are also one of the cutest things we have seen in animated movies yet. Kids, all over the world have set up their rooms and their books with minion toys, minion stickers and everything they could find, related to minions. Then, why not surprise your kids on their birthdays, with a minion themed cake?

A minion cake is a wonderful option to surprise your kids with a gift they will never forget.  You can combine the Halloween theme with a minion themed cake and add a bit of yellow flavour to all the spooky darkness spread across your neighbourhood. You can get a minion cake for an Easter or Christmas, and enjoy it with your whole family. A minion themed cake is not only tasty and sweet, it looks better than it tastes. Why not make an event memorable and special for your child?

Our Minion Cake:


We have introduced a new minion themed cake for the little ones, so you can make an event special for your kids. Our minion themed cakes can be created in different designs, according to your requirement and needs. We can make a minion cake for your child’s birthday, to match your décor and the birthday them of your venue.

Our staff is highly trained to give special attention to the detailing and the decoration of the cake. We make sure that the cake is made after a healthy collaboration with the parents, so nothing goes wrong on such a special event. A minion themed cake can be the center piece on your kid’s birthday, and can make your child feel special and happy.

The ingredients we use are all natural and healthy, with a diverse range of flavours – vegan, vegetarian or halal. Our homemade minion themed cake can make different events special for your children, and all the attendees at the event. Hence, why not surprise your kid with a yellow, funny and delicious minion themed cake?

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