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Our Sourcing Ingredients – The Madagascan Vanilla Extract

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    Madagascar is a huge island nation, lying off the southeast coast of Africa, and is one of the most tropical regions of this continent. A home to thousands of rare animal species,  such as lemurs, Madagascar has one of the … Continue reading

The Wonders of Fairtrade Sugar and Cocoa

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  Baking is one of the most passionate hobbies, cure  which has been around for as long as most of us can remember. Apart from being one of the most delicate niches of cooking, baking also provides delicate and delicious … Continue reading

Minion Party Cakes

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Yellow, buy  wearing a pair of goggles,  speaking weirdly but making everyone laugh out loud. What are they? They are one of the most shared toys,  animated characters, and stuff toys in the world for almost two years now – … Continue reading

The sweet scent of a Fresh Flower Wedding Cake

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‘Marriage is the golden ring in a chain, who’s beginning is a glance and who’s end is eternity’  Kahlil Gibran. A wedding is the most memorable day of a bride, as well the, groom’s life. A wedding is the special event which … Continue reading

Father’s Day Cake and Cupcakes

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Not all days are alike. Every day brings new messages with it and some days are just really special for a number of reasons. One of these days is Father’s day which is celebrated to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds … Continue reading

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