Bournville College Pathways Book Cake

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Book cakeWe totally loved making this cake,  we had free reign to interpret the different pathways school leavers take into work/education. 


Bournville College wanted to incorporate the 3 main pathways available to students,  this included Apprenticeships, Further Education or Work.


We thought of so many ideas but landed on using books as the main basis of the cake. We baked, cut and layered the two book cakes.

These books reflected the Apprenticeship route and the University route, we then thought of work related tools and made a calculator and a certificate usually gained through work and career development.


The college were thrilled with the cake and exceeded their expectations.


Our Sourcing Ingredients – The Madagascan Vanilla Extract

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Madagascar is a huge island nation, lying off the southeast coast of Africa, and is one of the most tropical regions of this continent. A home to thousands of rare animal species,  such as lemurs, Madagascar has one of the most famous forests in the world. In these forestry-based areas, a product, which is being used all around the globe, grows; the vanilla beans.

Vanilla beans are famously grown in the tropical climatic regions – hence the Madagascan Vanilla Beans. As most of the baking enthusiasts are aware, the vanilla beans are the fruits of an orchid plant, which commonly grows to reach the shape of a bean pod. The dark brown bean of the Vanilla plant grows up to 7 to 9 inches, and weighs about 5 grams. Moreover, it also yields about a half teaspoon of seeds, from which a quarter is enough to flavor a recipe for 4 to 5 people.

The Process:


The Madagascan vanilla extract is one of the most used and wanted extracts in the world, and apart from being used in bakery items such as pastries, cakes and other bake goods, it can also be used in coffee, perfumes, cigars and a lot of recipes made from sea food. However, most people are not properly familiar with how this extraordinary product is made i.e. how the vanilla beans are processed into a liquid, which claims to hold every element of the original Madagascan vanilla bean.

The Madagascan vanilla extract is made by percolating the chopped vanilla beans, with the help of ethyl alcohol and water. The process is usually kept cool and is carried out in a place with low temperature. This ensures that most of the flavor can be retained. The process of extraction takes about 48 hours, after which the liquid is mellowed into tanks, which the beans in it. After a few weeks, this extract is filtered into a holding tank, where this extract remains, until it is bottled and Voila! You have the Madagascan vanilla extract in your stores.

Taste and Quality:


With the Madagascan vanilla extract going through a long awaited process, bottled and holding the perfect aroma of Madagascar, the taste and the quality it adds into our recipes is speechless.

How We Use It:


We make sure that all our vanilla based cakes and cupcakes are made and topped with the Madagascan vanilla extract, hence to provide the most tropical flavor our clients deserve.   We make sure that our recipes are made with love are soft and delicious.

We take special care about the ingredients we use, we believe in quality over quantity. We bake each order, which is completely bespoke and fresh with a view to exceed your   expectations.

How it works on the day:


Your day is truly important to us, we understand how significant cakes and cupcakes are at Weddings, Parties, Birthdays and Celebrations.

Other than the bride/groom or individual the celebration is built around, the cake/cupcake is the next focal point. This is why we believe in using the highest quality products available to us as well as decorating to the highest standard. We hope to leave you feeling excited, delighted, inspired and joyful.

Call us or email us at / 07523139269 for more information and a chat.


The Wonders of Fairtrade Sugar and Cocoa

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Baking is one of the most passionate hobbies, cure  which has been around for as long as most of us can remember. Apart from being one of the most delicate niches of cooking, baking also provides delicate and delicious handcrafted products. Baking might be fun, but using the wrong ingredients might turn a masterpiece into a disaster.

Two of the most common ingredients used in baking are sugar and cocoa. There are a number of different cocoa and sugar brands on the market, which produce baking ingredients that are distributed globally.  We believe in using fair-trade cocoa and sugar, and we are sure that it is better than any other product in the market. Why? Let’s find out.

About Fairtrade:

Fairtrade is basically a food certification program, which has been developed for those companies, who export and import food products and ingredients from poorer countries. This company provides a fair-trade mark for all the products of the companies, denoting that the products are high-quality and meets the standards.

Around the break of the millennium, the fair-trade concept was quite unknown, but as the Third-World countries began their imports and exports, this concept gained momentum and is one of the most trusted certifications in today’s time and age.

Fairtrade Cocoa:

Seeing the challenges, and the increasing demand for cocoa, fair-trade took a huge step towards certifying products and separating the good ones from the bad ones. Cocoa farmers are usually forced to sell their harvests for middlemen, who use these pure products to rig great scale sales from the retailers.

This has drawn a fine line of difference, between this sweet treat and the people who produce it. Fairtrade makes sure that these farmers get the fair price for their product, and that they invest in the best harvesting techniques, found in the farmer’s book.

Fairtrade Sugar:

Increasing the wages and the development funds of farmers, fair-trade sugar helps the farmers in getting the price for the work they do. Looking at the global market, the sugarcane farmers are deemed to struggle the most, due to the fluctuating prices of these products.

Fairtrade makes sure to connect these farmers, directly to the buyers, to provide a better lifestyle to these people, and help them harvest high-quality products. Fairtrade makes sure that apart from spreading the sweetness in the world, they also spread smiles to all the farmers behind this.

Bottom Line:


 Fair-trade is very close to our hearts, as we travelled the world it reinforced the need for everyone working, to be paid fairly. We make sure to use fair-trade certified cocoa and sugar, in order to provide all our clients with the highest-quality bakery items that really is made with love and supports the needs of  families and loved ones throughout the whole supply chain.

Happy People,  Happy Baking !

Minion Party Cakes

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Yellow, buy  wearing a pair of goggles,  speaking weirdly but making everyone laugh out loud. What are they? They are one of the most shared toys,  animated characters, and stuff toys in the world for almost two years now – Minions. We came across minions after the release of the first part of Despicable Me, which was an animated movie loved by fiction and cartoon movie enthusiasts all around the globe. Ever since these yellow, cute and rather humorous creatures appeared on the screens, they have been used to make different things of leisure for kids. Where most people only think that minions are animated creatures, creating humour on the screens, these creatures represent way more than that.

We believe that minions represent the perks of being happy in every phase of life. Minions have taught people that being happy and facing every challenge life throws at you with a smile can be a source of beating that challenge and rising above. Apart from creating sensible humour, these characters are also one of the cutest things we have seen in animated movies yet. Kids, all over the world have set up their rooms and their books with minion toys, minion stickers and everything they could find, related to minions. Then, why not surprise your kids on their birthdays, with a minion themed cake?

A minion cake is a wonderful option to surprise your kids with a gift they will never forget.  You can combine the Halloween theme with a minion themed cake and add a bit of yellow flavour to all the spooky darkness spread across your neighbourhood. You can get a minion cake for an Easter or Christmas, and enjoy it with your whole family. A minion themed cake is not only tasty and sweet, it looks better than it tastes. Why not make an event memorable and special for your child?

Our Minion Cake:


We have introduced a new minion themed cake for the little ones, so you can make an event special for your kids. Our minion themed cakes can be created in different designs, according to your requirement and needs. We can make a minion cake for your child’s birthday, to match your décor and the birthday them of your venue.

Our staff is highly trained to give special attention to the detailing and the decoration of the cake. We make sure that the cake is made after a healthy collaboration with the parents, so nothing goes wrong on such a special event. A minion themed cake can be the center piece on your kid’s birthday, and can make your child feel special and happy.

The ingredients we use are all natural and healthy, with a diverse range of flavours – vegan, vegetarian or halal. Our homemade minion themed cake can make different events special for your children, and all the attendees at the event. Hence, why not surprise your kid with a yellow, funny and delicious minion themed cake?

We are based in Birmingham, West Midlands, give us a call or email us on 0121 439 2798 /

The sweet scent of a Fresh Flower Wedding Cake

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‘Marriage is the golden ring in a chain, who’s beginning is a glance and who’s end is eternity’  Kahlil Gibran.

A wedding is the most memorable day of a bride, as well the, groom’s life. A wedding is the special event which binds two hearts together, forever. Nobody would want to miss a single opportunity to energize the occasion to the maximum and making it even more memorable.

Any bride would want to leave a long-lasting impression on everyone present at the wedding by making it a wonderful event. However, managing and planning a wedding is no walk in the park. When it comes to a wedding, there are several decisive elements which need to be well-organized in order to give your wedding the life it deserves. One of the most important elements out of these is the Wedding Cake.

In today’s world, we have a list of different options available to us for unique wedding cakes and wedding cake ideas. You can select from a range of wedding cake toppers and make your wedding cake the most intriguing element of the event. A wedding cake is often proudly and strategically presented at the wedding reception. It marks as the best time to place your elegant wedding cake in front of your guests, which will make a great opportunity for pictures of your beautiful wedding cake.

Apart from all the options we have, a fresh flower wedding cake makes for a romantic option as a wedding cake. A floral wedding cake can bring out the beauty of the event and complement the décor as well. It is an all-seasonal cake which can be the center of attention in your wedding. When talking about a fresh flower cake, we have produced one of the most enchanting fresh flower cakes.

Our Fresh Flower Cake:-

The handmade nature of the cake reflects the love and care with which the cake has been produced. We cater to all your different requirements and our fresh flower cake fulfills all those requirements with its beautiful design and sweet taste. With beautiful floral decorations, our fresh flower cake can proudly be placed at the wedding reception. On top of that, our company’s personalized collaboration with the bride and all our customers can ensure that the cake is made exactly according to your demands. The uniqueness of the design of the cake is what sets our floral cake apart. This cake is perfect for all seasons and the flowers can be changed and modified according to the bride’s likings.

All our wedding cakes are made in a homely kitchen with love and care. Our qualified decorators pay special attention to the detailing of each cake and we offer a wedding cake design service. Our cakes are baked from scratch with the collection of high-quality ingredients and are produced to complement your palates. We also offer wedding cake cupcakes to complement your gorgeous wedding cake on the day.

We provide high-quality and delicious tasting cakes for all your important events. We cater for baby showers, hen parties, weddings, anniversary cakes and all other celebrations in your life.

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Made with love.

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