Father’s Day Cake and Cupcakes

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Beer cake

Not all days are alike. Every day brings new messages with it and some days are just really special for a number of reasons. One of these days is Father’s day which is celebrated to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds and the influence fathers have in the shaping of their children which,  in turn, and form the entire society. Often,  fathers are relegated to a secondary status when compared to mothers but it is this day which recognizes that the role of fathers in the upbringing of their children is no less than mothers. People depend on their fathers for spiritual, emotional, financial and other kinds of support so their contribution deserves to be acknowledged.

Father’s Day gives everyone an opportunity to thank their fathers for all the love and support they’ve provided to us without expecting anything in return. It is a way of acknowledging and appreciating their existence in our lives, an opportunity to make them feel loved and appreciated. One way to celebrating fathers’ day is by getting a gift for our fathers and celebrating the entire day with them.

Cupcakes may look small but in right size and flavor, they can make a world of difference and customize them to the likes and taste of your father would really make him a truly happy man. There are a plethora of choices available in the market or the internet but no two vendors are same and neither are their cupcakes. The team at Kiss Me Cupcakes takes much pride in the great level of customization they offer to their clients. We can deliver almost any idea you have in your mind in the flavor you want, all the fine details are tailored to suit your individual requests.

All the cakes and cupcakes at Kiss Me Cupcakes are handmade and truly bespoke and because they’re only made when you want them to be delivered so they’re always going to be freshly made and the detail we put into the elaborate designs of our cakes is a proof of our love and appreciation we have for the art of baking cakes. Giving your father a bespoke cake on father’s day is a way of showing him what he means to you, it is a way of acknowledging his efforts and letting him know that you remember all the tiny things which may appear trivial but are important to you because of their association with your father.

On this father’s day, Kiss Me Cupcakes has planned special treatment for the fathers as they rightfully deserve special treatment from all of us. This father’s day, get in touch with our team to get personalized and fun cupcakes crafted by some of the best bakers in the country. Your cake will be made with love and care in a homely kitchen with some of the finest ingredients available. Make this father’s day special for your father this year and let us help you in making things possible.

Call us on 0121 439 2798 or email us at info@kissmecupcakes.co.uk

Corporate Branded Cakes and Cupcakes

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 Loxicom logoBritish Council Cupcakes


A small company designed by two friends,  Kiss Me Cupcakes brings to you the best and most unique of cupcakes you can find in the Birmingham area. The company was founded by an inspiration to travel and the founder’s greatest memories of cakes and cupcakes from around the world.

Kiss Me Cupcakes provides personalized cupcakes and cakes to small and medium sized businesses in order to promote events for corporate clients. Corporate clients have a lot of different events and we as a business aim to cater to these events. We offer the following:





Running a bakery in the Birmingham area, we ensure that we provide the best cupcakes to our customers. Our cupcakes are specialised in customization as well as providing delicious, high end quality taste. Situated in the Birmingham area, we cater to larger arenas including the Barclaycard arena, ICC and NEC, ss well as providing to a vast array of small independent business based in and around the West Midlands and Birmingham Uk. Moreover, our rates are affordable and our deliveries are always on time with a smile.

Our cupcakes are available in many different flavors including classic vanilla, vanilla fruits, vanilla and strawberry, coconut, cocoa mocha, chocolate orange, chocolate peppermint and almond plus seasonal flavours. All of the tastes are special in their own unique way.

Kiss Me Cupcakes, therefore, is your one way access to personalised cakes and cupcakes for corporate clients in Birmingham and surrounding areas. We focus on any type of business, be it big or small and we ensure our customers are satisfied by first understanding their needs and requirements for their special day.

Finding the Perfect Cake for the Baby Shower

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Simba baby shower cake

The best thing about pregnancy is the special attention,  love, pharm  and affection you get from everyone around. Every pregnant mother waits for the baby shower when she can have loads of fun and eat to her heart’s content. Most baby showers are theme-based and care should be taken to customize every detail to match the theme. Among other things, it’s crucial to find the right cake that matches the theme, suits the occasion and also happens to be the mom-to-be’s favorite. When we think of baby showers, we all get a bit emotional as friends and family take extra special care to get a cake that blends perfectly with the rest of the theme.

At Kiss Me Cupcakes we understand the importance of having the right cake for occasions like a baby shower .You can browse online and take a look at the catalogue before arriving at a decision. Because its baby shower, the colors are mostly pink, blue or light pastel shades and the cakes are based on the themes—cartoon characters, stuffed toys, flowers, pregnant mommy-to-be toppers, mini cakes, baby cupcakes, or sometimes simply decorative cakes to match the colors in the theme.

The number of designs are endless. The best thing is you can relax at home while browsing through our gallery online.

A Baby shower is a once in a lifetime event—don’t let the cake spoil it. Plan ahead, think different, and make it memorable.

Contact us for your bespoke Baby Shower Cake at :-info@kissmecupcakes.co.uk or 0121 439 2798

Fun Frozen Birthday Cakes

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FrozenElsacake  OlafFrozenCake

Do you want to build a snowcake? Come on let’s go and play!

Anna and Else’s epic saga of love, sisterhood and girl power has really captured all of our hearts. So much so that, these days when we think of snow and cold and warm toasty nights, we think not only of Christmas but also this movie. What better way to celebrate special days than by bringing their happy presence onto our tables.

Which Frozen themed cake to choose?

Which of these character cakes is best suited for your birthday party or Christmas party? Here’s a helpful list to find out.

The Elsa Cake-Don’t we all relate to that feeling when we have been asked to suppress our true selves all our life? Elsa, who’s strong, amazing character, has been quite the role model for all children to go seek their dreams and be themselves. So get one of those Elsa decorated cakes if you or your child are just one of those people who can’t wait for the opportunity to let it go.

The Anna Cake– We all know Anna in our lives. Anna is the physical embodiment of impulse and sisterly love. We all have that Anna, who is worth melting for. For these people why not give them the sunshine that they bring to your life by giving them Anna cakes by design. Be it your child, your friend or most likely your little sister- Anna cakes are the way to go for you.

The Olaf Cake– If you know someone who just gets swept off their feet every few minute or so, off to their special dream world, with a nice goofy smile on their face, then you know an Olaf. Make an Olaf birthday cake order for these wonderful snowflakes because their goofiness melts all your sadness away. This is a special favourite of children because who doesn’t love a snowman who talks and dances that way.

The Sven Cake– The adorable reindeer that was a large furry ball of happiness and sunshine is a real popular character among kids. Indeed why should all birthday cakes Birmingham be about the main characters? Sven was awesome, and so are all those happy kind kids who remind you exactly of Sven.

The thing about Frozen cakes is that even though they have a snowy cold look, they can touch the hearts of people all year round.

Call for more information at 0121 439 2798 or email us at info@kissmecupcakes.co.uk


Millenium Events supporting the homeless in Birmingham

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Millenium Bemuse

We’d like to introduce Millennial Events, click  Birmingham City University student-run events company aiming to make a difference to the lives of the young homeless in Birmingham by supporting and fundraising for the local St Basils Charity.

They are holding an event BEMUSE on the 07-03-16  set in the Mockingbird Theatre at the Custard Factory,  Digbeth. A magic show with a difference! With magicians, mind readers, tarot card readers, crystal balls, close up magic and various other performances, this really will be a night to remember.

Please check them out and support them if you can at:-

Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/188580774837449/
Ticket Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bemuse-tickets-21532204403
Website Link: https://www.millennialevents.weebly.com/

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