Kiss Me Cupcakes is Hiring!

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Kiss Me Cupcakes is hiring!

We are passionate about making beautiful, more about help bespoke cakes, information pills that are handmade and taste delicious. We are a very small company that is growing and need some extra help. This would suit a person who has a few spare hours a week or is looking for occasional work.

Have you got the following skills:-
1.4+ years of full time cake decorating experience
2.Passion for sugarcrafting
3.Able to work to very tight deadlines whilst maintaining high standards of work
4.Happy and positive disposition with a can do attitude
5.Ability to self manage workload and use own initiative
6.Flexible approach
8. You must have experience in modelling and flower making
9.Someone who is looking for occasional work, this is an adhoc position.

If you are interested please email us at

Themed birthday cake ideas to mark your 60th

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It is really not a lie when they say retirement is the second childhood of our lives. We find joy in the little things again. We hang out with our friends every day, healing  talking about everything and nothing. It certainly makes time fly by faster than ever. The old stories don’t seem too old to us. So why should our birthday celebrations be any different? Have fun cake designs for special occasions like your 60th birthday or 40th Wedding Anniversary and stay forever young at heart.

Different themed birthday cake ideas:

There are certain ways you can go if you want to have a rocking themed birthday party. Based on your personality, order here are a few suggestions for birthday cake designs to make your birthday special

  1. Wine Bottle Cake- If you love some good classic wine, why not share your love by your cake as well. This classy cake can be served with some actual glasses of wine, and you have a birthday party set around your most favourite thing in the world! Wine lovers are sure to appreciate this symbol.
  2. The case of Cigars Cake- If you’re the sort to start a Godfather movie marathon with your friend accompanied by some delicious cigars, then this is the cake for you! Cigar themed cakes are sure to be a hit by making all your pals jealous with its unique design. If Cuban cigars are not possible, then at least you have Cuban cigar cake!
  3. Suit And Tie Cake- Gone are the days when dressing up fine was an everyday essential. Show how you are still a proponent of classic old fashioned three piece suits with a gentleman’s cake. This classy cake is an impressive design for gentlemen of all ages who are all a little James Bond on the inside.
  4. Dancing Girl Cake- Were you quite a rebellious lady as a young girl but grew up to be decent and sober as time went by and you had a family to cater to? Let your hair down, it’s YOUR birthday. Embrace the possibilities of designing unique cakes that can show off your inner party girl.

Be brave with your cakes! Come up with an original design and add spice to your birthday party with delicious especially themed cakes by design. This is the sure shot recipe for making your birthday a hit with your friends and family members. Get adventurous today!

You can email us at or call us at 0121 439 2798.

Make your little one feel special with a Peppa Pig Cake

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Peppa Pig PeppaPigHousecake








Peppa Pig is one of the most adorable characters on children’s TV today. Her adventures and misadventures with her friends and family make us laugh. No wonder it is a hit cartoon. With someone as wonderful as Peppa Pig on our TV sets, it is only natural that our kids would want her to be there with them on their special days. What better way than in the form of amazing cakes?

You can celebrate your young one’s birthday or even nursery graduation party with their best friend from the telly. There are a variety of options available these days novelty cakes. Make the best use of this great trend and show your child how much you love them with a Peppa Pig cake! Don’t worry; you are spoiled for options for this kind of cake. These come in a variety of flavours, icing and forms. Let’s look at a few!

Classic Butter cream Icing Cake

This delicious piece of yumminess called the Peppa Pig cake is made with regular chocolate or vanilla sponge cake. They are then cut and structured in special ways to form all kinds of kids cakes. These are perhaps the most delicious option. If you are not a fan of fondant, worry not, butter cream is always the way to go. Peppa Pig’s cute line drawn form, takes perfect shape in this manner though it is flat and 2 dimensional. If you want something more exciting than that, why not try the 3D versions.

3D Cakes

These Peppa pig 3d cakes are expertly created with the baker’s loving hand and advanced modelling technology. Inside the fondant forms there lies bursting with flavour and deliciousness, classic, perfect cake. Perfect for both boys and girls birthday cakes 3d Peppa Pig Cakes can bring your child’s favourite character to life (to be gobbled up later!) These cakes are actually not too easy to come by. Found only in special places like Kiss Me Cupcakes who make birthday cake Birmingham, the one thing we promise to do is make your day.


Peppa Pig Cupcakes are the dainty cousins of the above cakes which are smaller and less sinful a snack. They are in reality the perfect way to make your kid’s day special. Special children’s cupcakes with Peppa’s fun form sitting on top of a bun is the perfect little gift to make your young one. These are especially popular with people with an affinity to the cakes in Birmingham UK and surrounds.

So do not think twice, make their birthdays special with Peppa Pig cakes.




Cakes with A Christmas Twist

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                             Christmas Jumpers

The turkey’s ready, treatment  the stockings have been hung and the jumpers have come in – its Christmas! The most magical time of the year! And how can Christmas be complete without unique cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth? So if you are tired of the usual themed cakes which you have been eating every year, sovaldi and want to usher in the Christmas spirit with amazingly decorated cakes, buy  we offer you the best in Christmas desserts!

Christmas jumper cakes are always awesome, but at times, the same old flavors in these cakes can be a little disappointing. That is why we have got novelty sponge cakes for you this festive season. Our unique flavors will spice up your Christmas and make everyone at home happy.

We have a range of character cakes in our wide selection as well, with exquisite flavors ranging from chocolate orange, chocolate baileys, amaretto and chocolate mint. This unique combination of flavors makes us an absolute favorite during the festivities. So if you are tired of the same old mince pies and fruit cakes, it is time to add a twist to your celebrations and bring in the Yuletide with new flavors.

Christmas cakes are as much about the flavor as they are about decoration. Thus, we offer great designs on our cakes, ranging from your favorite characters from fiction to ugly jumper designs which are sure to tickle the funny bone of your family in true festive spirit. These cakes offer you not just dessert, but an awesome experience that creates fantastic memories with your family and friends.

The themed cakes range from festive themes to color coordinated special cupcakes and sponge cakes which are sure to brighten up your Christmas day. The range of themes include the traditional ones like trees, Santa Claus, snowmen and jingle bells while at the same time introducing a fresh range of themes like cute festive penguins or reindeers! These adorable creatures are a huge hit with kids. Kids love these special themed cakes, and they make Christmas extra special for the little ones. You can also get cakes in superhero characters – imagine the joy on your kid’s face when they see a Christmassy Batman cake!

There is no dearth of option for you to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Put on your special Christmas jumper and get one of these unique cakes for your Christmas party. These decorated cakes will make Christmas all the more sweeter and joyful!

Get the best wedding cake for your Big Day!

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Do you have your wedding ceremony anytime soon? Then you must have all your to-do-list checked, about it diagnosis  right? Wedding dress, malady the venue, inviting the guests, the invitation cards, choosing the dress for bridesmaids, photographer and a lot more must have been on your list to do. What about the wedding cake? You need to choose the best cake birmingham makers, who can design the most beautiful wedding cakes for you on your wedding day.

No matter how much time you spend on the venue, its décor or even the catering, everyone invited as well as the bride and groom always have a high expectation from the wedding cake. And a bad cake décor, ordinary taste and wrong combination of flavours can ruin the mood of the very ceremony. In that case, it is always a great idea to choose the best wedding cake birmingham makers who bring the finest wedding cake ideas for this task.

What do you get?

It is very important that you go to a wedding cake maker or baker that has a wide range of options to offer to you. If you need a unique appearance and design for your wedding cake, you can always choose to go for custom-made wedding cake designers like us, Kiss Me Cupcakes!

If you want an elegant and whimsical looking wedding cake, the buttercream rose swirl cake is the one for you. It always looks stunning, and your guests will be overwhelmed by the unique and delicate design. We incorporate interesting tastes and flavours and make sure that we add your personalized ideas.

We would love to produce wedding cakes of your dreams, whether they are elegant wedding cakes, modern wedding cakes, simple wedding cakes………… the list goes on. Check out our wedding cake gallery for more designs and ideas.

And remember we’re not just wedding cake designers but also produce wedding cupcake designs for your big day too!

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