Finding the Perfect Cake for the Baby Shower

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Simba baby shower cake

The best thing about pregnancy is the special attention,  love, pharm  and affection you get from everyone around. Every pregnant mother waits for the baby shower when she can have loads of fun and eat to her heart’s content. Most baby showers are theme-based and care should be taken to customize every detail to match the theme. Among other things, it’s crucial to find the right cake that matches the theme, suits the occasion and also happens to be the mom-to-be’s favorite. When we think of baby showers, we all get a bit emotional as friends and family take extra special care to get a cake that blends perfectly with the rest of the theme.

At Kiss Me Cupcakes we understand the importance of having the right cake for occasions like a baby shower .You can browse online and take a look at the catalogue before arriving at a decision. Because its baby shower, the colors are mostly pink, blue or light pastel shades and the cakes are based on the themes—cartoon characters, stuffed toys, flowers, pregnant mommy-to-be toppers, mini cakes, baby cupcakes, or sometimes simply decorative cakes to match the colors in the theme.

The number of designs are endless. The best thing is you can relax at home while browsing through our gallery online.

A Baby shower is a once in a lifetime event—don’t let the cake spoil it. Plan ahead, think different, and make it memorable.

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