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Do you want to build a snowcake? Come on let’s go and play!

Anna and Else’s epic saga of love, sisterhood and girl power has really captured all of our hearts. So much so that, these days when we think of snow and cold and warm toasty nights, we think not only of Christmas but also this movie. What better way to celebrate special days than by bringing their happy presence onto our tables.

Which Frozen themed cake to choose?

Which of these character cakes is best suited for your birthday party or Christmas party? Here’s a helpful list to find out.

The Elsa Cake-Don’t we all relate to that feeling when we have been asked to suppress our true selves all our life? Elsa, who’s strong, amazing character, has been quite the role model for all children to go seek their dreams and be themselves. So get one of those Elsa decorated cakes if you or your child are just one of those people who can’t wait for the opportunity to let it go.

The Anna Cake– We all know Anna in our lives. Anna is the physical embodiment of impulse and sisterly love. We all have that Anna, who is worth melting for. For these people why not give them the sunshine that they bring to your life by giving them Anna cakes by design. Be it your child, your friend or most likely your little sister- Anna cakes are the way to go for you.

The Olaf Cake– If you know someone who just gets swept off their feet every few minute or so, off to their special dream world, with a nice goofy smile on their face, then you know an Olaf. Make an Olaf birthday cake order for these wonderful snowflakes because their goofiness melts all your sadness away. This is a special favourite of children because who doesn’t love a snowman who talks and dances that way.

The Sven Cake– The adorable reindeer that was a large furry ball of happiness and sunshine is a real popular character among kids. Indeed why should all birthday cakes Birmingham be about the main characters? Sven was awesome, and so are all those happy kind kids who remind you exactly of Sven.

The thing about Frozen cakes is that even though they have a snowy cold look, they can touch the hearts of people all year round.

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