Make your little one feel special with a Peppa Pig Cake

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Peppa Pig is one of the most adorable characters on children’s TV today. Her adventures and misadventures with her friends and family make us laugh. No wonder it is a hit cartoon. With someone as wonderful as Peppa Pig on our TV sets, it is only natural that our kids would want her to be there with them on their special days. What better way than in the form of amazing cakes?

You can celebrate your young one’s birthday or even nursery graduation party with their best friend from the telly. There are a variety of options available these days novelty cakes. Make the best use of this great trend and show your child how much you love them with a Peppa Pig cake! Don’t worry; you are spoiled for options for this kind of cake. These come in a variety of flavours, icing and forms. Let’s look at a few!

Classic Butter cream Icing Cake

This delicious piece of yumminess called the Peppa Pig cake is made with regular chocolate or vanilla sponge cake. They are then cut and structured in special ways to form all kinds of kids cakes. These are perhaps the most delicious option. If you are not a fan of fondant, worry not, butter cream is always the way to go. Peppa Pig’s cute line drawn form, takes perfect shape in this manner though it is flat and 2 dimensional. If you want something more exciting than that, why not try the 3D versions.

3D Cakes

These Peppa pig 3d cakes are expertly created with the baker’s loving hand and advanced modelling technology. Inside the fondant forms there lies bursting with flavour and deliciousness, classic, perfect cake. Perfect for both boys and girls birthday cakes 3d Peppa Pig Cakes can bring your child’s favourite character to life (to be gobbled up later!) These cakes are actually not too easy to come by. Found only in special places like Kiss Me Cupcakes who make birthday cake Birmingham, the one thing we promise to do is make your day.


Peppa Pig Cupcakes are the dainty cousins of the above cakes which are smaller and less sinful a snack. They are in reality the perfect way to make your kid’s day special. Special children’s cupcakes with Peppa’s fun form sitting on top of a bun is the perfect little gift to make your young one. These are especially popular with people with an affinity to the cakes in Birmingham UK and surrounds.

So do not think twice, make their birthdays special with Peppa Pig cakes.




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