Meditate to Tranquility

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Feeling more stressed recently? Or are you loosing focus? Need help to better sleep? 

Join us for a meditation in our afternoon workshop, where we sit down in Kiss Me Cupcakes very own coffee shop to help you loosen up and enhance self awareness. 

We offer many breathing exercises (which is also recommended by NHS), this calming breathing technique helps control stress, anxiety and panic. So why not get the best experience with others similar by your side and learn from someone who has experience teaching others to meditate. 

Moreover, with practise of visualisation exercises, your creativity and imagination will increase as well as your attention to details. 

So spend time on yourself, and relax as well as creating new unique experiences with Kiss Me Cupcakes.

Date and time: Saturday 21st July, 2018 at 3:30PM-5PM

Price: £7 per person, including a herbal tea (booking required). 


Call: 0121 792 8829

or     07523 139 269



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