Minion Graduation Cake

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We were thrilled to have been asked to make this minion cake for 3 awesome graduates!


We were asked to make a cake for 3 graduating girls, case  with a twist! They wanted something fun, hospital  a real centrepiece and something to incorporate their heritage.

It wasn’t hard! We knew that minions were popular with adults and children alike. What can be more fun than a minion! The dilemma was how to incorporate their heritage.

We know that beautiful “bling” sari’s are worn during celebrations, doctor whether its a wedding, a party and even a graduation.

So, putting it all together, The Sari wearing Graduate Minion was born.


The minion is a pretty straightforward cake design, but when putting a sari on a character that has no shoulders is a pretty difficult feat, but we did it!

Sari’s are usually very colourful and vibrant, we decided to stay with the black graduate theme, but to bling up the dress we tried various designs, unfortunately nothing gave the dress a real diamonte look than the ribbon used. It worked perfectly and acted as embroidered edging.


We were nervous- we always are, any cake we produce we always hope we have captured the image/expectation. We made delivery to the party in West Bromwich, West Midlands.

There were screams and squeeks of laughter…..lots of OMG’s and WOW’s! We left feeling like a job well done.

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