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We are so privileged to have been provided with stickers from the amazing Discount Sticker Printing Company

When changing or adding new additions to your packaging, it can be a slightly daunting experience. There are so many questions that need answering:-

  1. How large are they?
  2. Does the size fit the overall size of the packaging? Is it balanced?
  3. What’s the quality like?
  4. Does it fit our needs- it is waterproof?
  5. What information do we need to incorporate?
  6. How many shall we order?

We have spent many an evening deliberating over this and to our amazement Discount Sticker Printing Company came to our rescue!

Their website is so easy to navigate, they give you the exact sizes, they send you an image of what your sticker would look like (so no need to upload and add your own dodgy texts!:-). They went through all the options including waterproof coverings – it was really a breeze!

The stickers arrived within a few days and they looked amazing. We are so in love with them. Sometimes, it’s just taking the first step and seeing what happens.

We were lucky enough to be contacted by the Discount Sticker Printing Company, but hopefully if you have read this blog, you’d look them up and see how easy it is!

Good luck in creating your packaging branding – it’s really not as daunting as you think! 

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