Penny Skateboard Cake

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skateboard cake

This was an awesome cake design, cheap  from producing wheels to indented patterns in the cake.


We were asked to produce a penny skateboard cake for a youngsters birthday. Penny skateboards are a smaller type of skateboard and are so very fashionable.

We decided to incorporate as much of the skateboard design as possible, sale  including the indented pattern centrally located. We cut the cake out into segments, buttercreamed and covered with a vibrant green sugarpaste, to emulate the vibrant colours of the boards.

We then produced the wheels, nuts/bolts, coloured/painted and left to dry.

The trickest part was how to keep the wheels horizontal on the board, as they were being transported the next day from Birmingham to Cheshire and we wanted to make sure there were no problems on the way up!


Grandma and Grandpa collected the cake and cupcakes,  and were absolutely ecstatic with the penny skateboard.

When we showed them the “penny” logo cupcakes, they seemed confused, we asked them if everything was ok, and they questioned why “penny” was written on cupcakes for their grandson, we probably would have asked the same question as we had no idea what a penny logo stood for before this order,  on explanation they were relieved!

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