The Wonders of Fairtrade Sugar and Cocoa

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Baking is one of the most passionate hobbies, cure  which has been around for as long as most of us can remember. Apart from being one of the most delicate niches of cooking, baking also provides delicate and delicious handcrafted products. Baking might be fun, but using the wrong ingredients might turn a masterpiece into a disaster.

Two of the most common ingredients used in baking are sugar and cocoa. There are a number of different cocoa and sugar brands on the market, which produce baking ingredients that are distributed globally.  We believe in using fair-trade cocoa and sugar, and we are sure that it is better than any other product in the market. Why? Let’s find out.

About Fairtrade:

Fairtrade is basically a food certification program, which has been developed for those companies, who export and import food products and ingredients from poorer countries. This company provides a fair-trade mark for all the products of the companies, denoting that the products are high-quality and meets the standards.

Around the break of the millennium, the fair-trade concept was quite unknown, but as the Third-World countries began their imports and exports, this concept gained momentum and is one of the most trusted certifications in today’s time and age.

Fairtrade Cocoa:

Seeing the challenges, and the increasing demand for cocoa, fair-trade took a huge step towards certifying products and separating the good ones from the bad ones. Cocoa farmers are usually forced to sell their harvests for middlemen, who use these pure products to rig great scale sales from the retailers.

This has drawn a fine line of difference, between this sweet treat and the people who produce it. Fairtrade makes sure that these farmers get the fair price for their product, and that they invest in the best harvesting techniques, found in the farmer’s book.

Fairtrade Sugar:

Increasing the wages and the development funds of farmers, fair-trade sugar helps the farmers in getting the price for the work they do. Looking at the global market, the sugarcane farmers are deemed to struggle the most, due to the fluctuating prices of these products.

Fairtrade makes sure to connect these farmers, directly to the buyers, to provide a better lifestyle to these people, and help them harvest high-quality products. Fairtrade makes sure that apart from spreading the sweetness in the world, they also spread smiles to all the farmers behind this.

Bottom Line:


 Fair-trade is very close to our hearts, as we travelled the world it reinforced the need for everyone working, to be paid fairly. We make sure to use fair-trade certified cocoa and sugar, in order to provide all our clients with the highest-quality bakery items that really is made with love and supports the needs of  families and loved ones throughout the whole supply chain.

Happy People,  Happy Baking !

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