Themed birthday cake ideas to mark your 60th

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It is really not a lie when they say retirement is the second childhood of our lives. We find joy in the little things again. We hang out with our friends every day, healing  talking about everything and nothing. It certainly makes time fly by faster than ever. The old stories don’t seem too old to us. So why should our birthday celebrations be any different? Have fun cake designs for special occasions like your 60th birthday or 40th Wedding Anniversary and stay forever young at heart.

Different themed birthday cake ideas:

There are certain ways you can go if you want to have a rocking themed birthday party. Based on your personality, order here are a few suggestions for birthday cake designs to make your birthday special

  1. Wine Bottle Cake- If you love some good classic wine, why not share your love by your cake as well. This classy cake can be served with some actual glasses of wine, and you have a birthday party set around your most favourite thing in the world! Wine lovers are sure to appreciate this symbol.
  2. The case of Cigars Cake- If you’re the sort to start a Godfather movie marathon with your friend accompanied by some delicious cigars, then this is the cake for you! Cigar themed cakes are sure to be a hit by making all your pals jealous with its unique design. If Cuban cigars are not possible, then at least you have Cuban cigar cake!
  3. Suit And Tie Cake- Gone are the days when dressing up fine was an everyday essential. Show how you are still a proponent of classic old fashioned three piece suits with a gentleman’s cake. This classy cake is an impressive design for gentlemen of all ages who are all a little James Bond on the inside.
  4. Dancing Girl Cake- Were you quite a rebellious lady as a young girl but grew up to be decent and sober as time went by and you had a family to cater to? Let your hair down, it’s YOUR birthday. Embrace the possibilities of designing unique cakes that can show off your inner party girl.

Be brave with your cakes! Come up with an original design and add spice to your birthday party with delicious especially themed cakes by design. This is the sure shot recipe for making your birthday a hit with your friends and family members. Get adventurous today!

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